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Pay for care, with care.SMHarness data-driven insights and human expertise at scale to optimize every step of your healthcare payment cycle.

What does it mean to pay for care, with care?

With Zelis on your side, you can:
  • Balance risk and financial performance
  • Ensure the accuracy of claims
  • Remove friction from healthcare payments
  • Improve network performance
  • Boost member satisfaction
Elevate your payment integrity strategy with a single vendor approach

Solution Showcase

Find balance in your financial performance.

Price Explain Pay Network Performance Icon Network Performance

Build and optimize completive, accessible, and high value networks to win market share and meet your members’ needs.

Network Strategy Icon Network Strategy, Maintenance and Sales

Track competitor activity and market opportunities to refine your network strategy, identify the best fit providers to maintain competitiveness, and communicate the strength of your network.

Learn more about our network solutions.



Our solutions in action.

The implementation process with Zelis was painless. Their team assisted us in making sure that all the details were handled, and that all our business was moved and active in the systems within 90 days from implementation.

– Joanne, Vice President of TPA

Managing payments manually requires significant effort. The Zelis automated payments solution has reduced this by 4x for our hospital business, and 6x for our physician business.”

– Sue, Director of Processing at Not-for-Profit Health System

As we’ve worked with Zelis, we’ve found all their capabilities and solutions to be very easy to plug-in and integrate with our offerings. That flexibility is very valuable to us.”

– Joel, Executive Director of National Health Plan

“Zelis makes doing business simple. Our clients are saving so much money on claims that they re asking for new products.  It’s a rare treat to sit down with a client that hasn’t bought a new solution in years and is now asking “what’s next?”  That builds loyalty.”

– Craig, COO of TPA

Scale With Zelis

Working as hard as you do on the details that matter.

AICPA Service Organization Control Reports Logo HiTrust logo

A Culture of Service

Being collaborative and caring is deeply ingrained in our DNA. We serve as expert business partners to proactively guide you through the complex healthcare payments system.

Agile Technology

Our technology flexes with you, interweaving human intelligence and expertise with advanced analytics to rapidly configure and implement the right solution in every situation.

Multi-Modal Solutions

We see opportunities to reduce friction everywhere, applying the optimal modality to address the most abrasive aspects of the payment process.

Serious Security

We handle some of the most sensitive data in healthcare, and we take our role in protecting privacy seriously. We maintain HITRUST and SOC II certifications and follow cutting-edge security practices.

Take the Next Step

Bring purpose-built capabilities to every step of your payment process.

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